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(15 February 2020)  -  Now Accepting Cadet & Senior Staff Applications

This notification is to announce that the Cadet Staff & Senior Staff applications are now open.  
***Staff Applications Close Midnight March 15th, 2020***
The application process has changed for 2020.  Only applications received through the TNWG Encampment website will be considered.
If you have issues and/or questions regarding the on-line application process, please make your inquiries to encampment@tncap.us.

Please refer to the Encampment Guide prior to applying.
We are seeking the Following Cadet Positions:                                                                 We are seeking the following Senior Positions:
Superintendent - Encampment NCO                                                                                        Admin Officer
Stan/Eval Officer                                                                                                                       Logistics/OSS Officer
Stan/Eval Asst.                                                                                                                         Medical Officer
Line Staff                                                                                                                                  Safety Officer
     Squadron Commanders                                                                                                      Public Affairs Officer
     Squadron First Sgt.                                                                                                             Chaplain
     Flight Commanders                                                                                                             Chief Training Officer
     Flight Sgt.                                                                                                                            Training Officers
     ATF Commander/Instructor
Support Staff
     OSS Commander
     OSS Flight Sgt.
     Logistics Officer/NCO
     Medical Officer/NCO
     Admin. Officer/NCO
     Public Officer Officer/NCO

If you have any questions about the positions needed: Cadets refer your questions to Lt. Roberts, Commandant of Cadets.  Senior Member refer your question to Capt. Gillespie, Encampment Commander.

(07 January 2020)  -  Now Accepting Executive Staff Applications

The Tennessee Wing Encampment has been scheduled for 28 June to 4 July, 2020 with staff arriving on 27 June. It will be held at McGhee Tyson ANG Base (same location as the 2019 encampment).

Application procedures will be detailed at a later time. Continue to review the following areas to stay up-to-date on developments.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeEncampment/?ref=bookmarks

Website: http://cp.tncap.us/tennessee-wing-encampment-2018

AT THIS TIME we will ONLY be accepting applications for the positions of Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, and Superintendent (NCOIC). Future mailings will detail application for other staff positions after these positions are filled. You may apply for these positions, and again later for other positions. THIS IS NOT YOUR ENCAMPMENT APPLICATION, it is a request for a position only.

All cadets wishing to be considered should submit the following items prior to 02 February 2020. All documents should be submitted at one time to encampment@tncap.us.
  • Form 60-81 [the new version of the form 31] (No signatures necessary at this time)
  • Listing of CAP and other leadership experience
  • Letter of Recommendation (from someone familiar with your leadership style such as squadron commander, commander of a school you have staffed, commandant of an encampment you served at, etc.)
  • Position Essay (format below, approximately 125 words per section) In addition to providing information, this essay will be used as an example of your ability to communicate and precisely convey information. Please take some time with it.
Contact encampment@tncap.us with questions. Best of luck to all applicants!

Essay format:

To whom it may concern,

Overview about yourself and your cadet programs career (brag a little bit)

What will make you the right person for this job?

- Approximately 125 words

What do you hope to accomplish this year if selected?

- Approximately 125 words

What are your personal goals for this year's encampment?

- Approximately 125 words

What have you seen as a weakness in the past and what are you going to do to help fix it?

- Approximately 125 words

Closing Remarks


(06 January 2020)  -  Announcing the 2020 Encampment!

The Tennessee Wing Summer Encampment will be held 28-June to 4-July at the McGhee Tyson ANG Base in Alcoa TN.

Information will automatically be sent to all TN Wing cadets. Cadets from out of state may email encampment@tncap.us or check here for information.

Austen Roberts,
Jan 30, 2020, 7:47 PM