Tennessee Wing Encampment 2018

To all of you who helped make this an enjoyable and educational encampment, you have my sincere thanks.

The results have been uploaded to national.  They should process them within a couple of days.

If you left prescription medication, your certificate, or other valuable items in lost and found, please contact me.

Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP

June 1

Nine Days Out.    Your cadets staff has been preparing for weeks and is ready to greet you.   Do your part to get ready as well.  Get your hair cut, your uniform to regs, break in new boots.   Also make sure you show up well rested and READY TO WORK.

THE OPERATIONS ORDER for this encampment is available for download at the bottom of the page.   It has maps, shows times, helpful information, and a copy of the pack list.

May 3 

Please note we have a waiting list for encampment.  If you have not submitted both PAYMENT and the SUPPLEMENTAL FORMS packet by May 7th, you may lose your slot to another cadet.    If you do not have BOTH an electronic invoice emailed from wing HQ and a supplemental forms packet from me, please contact me immediately.   (jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org)     Let's get this paperwork finished so we can start the fun stuff!

May 2

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you have not received a letter, forms to fill out, and a pack list, please check your spam folder. It went out 3 weeks ago. Contact me at jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org if you cannot find it, I will email you another. These forms are due NOW.

April 30    Late application deadline is closed.   Please see the national website for other encampment in your area later in the summer.

April 30

Staff Training Weekend is complete and we have trained 30 persons to help present a great learning experience for our students this year.   We are looking forward to meeting and training all our first time attendees.

Staff positions have been offered and accepted.  Thank you for your interest.  We had 65 cadets apply for cadre positions this year.   We have already begun work on this years activities and curriculum.  We're looking forward to bringing you a great encampment!

Please get your applications for encampment in! (whether you are applying for Advanced Training Flight, Basic Student, or if you received a staff slot)  Deadline is in less than 2 weeks.

CADET CADRE SELECTION DAY     Posted Monday 12 March

Saturday was a wet but successful staff tryout day for the 2018 Encampment. If you applied for staff and notified us 'in advance' you weren't able to attend you should have been contacted about alternate arrangements. Contact C/Lt Col Trana if not. [Christofer Trana (539011@tncap.us)]

We will have the results in approximately one week.


Applications for cadets to attend the 2018 TN Wing Summer Encampment at MTSU are now being accepted.I regret that National HQ has not yet finished the online application procedure they had hoped to have operational for this year.  We will once again have to rely on physical forms with hand-written signatures.

Please pay attention to the instructions.  Last year we had applications lost due to failure to follow them.

1. All cadets, both basics and those who have applied for a slot on cadre, must submit a form 31.  
2. Cadets will know if they have a cadre slot before the deadline, and you can also withdraw later before paying if you applied for cadre and didn't make it.
3. The cadet, their guardian, witnesses, squadron commanders and [for out of state cadets] wing commanders must sign.
4. Do NOT send payment with your application.  You will be invoiced by Wing HQ later.
5. A forms packet will be sent to complete and sign after we determine who all we have room for.  Priority will be given to first time cadets if space is an issue.
6. Deadline to RECEIVE the applications is APRIL 1, 2018. (please don't wait until April 1 and put it in the mail)
7. Scan the signed form and send it to jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org (preferred) or if you can't get it scanned, mail to:
 Jeff Clark, Lt Col,CAP
 1259 Apple Creek Drive
 Louisville, TN 37777 
8. Please either use a typeable fill-in type (pdf or word formats are available online) form, or write NEATLY in filling out the CAPF31
9. If you require financial assistance, refer to the CEAP website here---https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/activities/encampment/ceap-application-process/

10. On April 2, we will start invoicing cadets and sending out the forms packet.  Payment will be online  with a debit/credit card(preferred) or print off the invoice and remit to wing HQ with a check.
If you receive a CEAP scholarship from national, include that form with your invoice instead of a check.

11. Form 31 can be downloaded from the website below...

12. Direct questions to Jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org

Thank you in advance for your interest.  We hope to have another year of learning, motivation, and growth.  I look forward to meeting you.

Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP

Senior Member Applications  

2018 Encampment will be 9-16 June at MTSU Campus in Murfreesboro.  The wing web site for the encampment is http://cp.tncap.us/tennessee-wing-encampment-2018  Please submit your applications by (senior members only) 1 April 2018

Seniors are to fill out a CAPF 17 (although the 31 is typical, the form 17 gives us a little more information about you.   It is anticipated you may need to attach an additional sheet for blocks 21 and 22.)

Submit a signed (self and by squadron commander) form either scanned and emailed to jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org (preferred) or paper signed copy to:

Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP

1259 Apple Creek Drive

Louisville, TN 37777

Cost will be $75.00 this year for seniors.   Please do NOT send payment with application.  You will be billed if we have a slot for you.   We will gather additional paperwork (form 161 etc) later.


Based on the response we have already had, it is anticipated we will have several more applications than we have senior member slots this year. This is both an unusual and a good problem to have.  To make room for the most cadets, we want a limited senior staff. If we do not have a slot for you, this is in no way to be interpreted as a reflection on your capability or desirability.  Senior staff is not necessarily the most experienced or most certified/decorated individuals. Staff has to blend enough experience to get the job done while bringing along new talent to train up the next generation of cadet program leaders. In either event, your willingness to serve is appreciated and your opportunity will come.



Encampment Cadre Staff Selection Day

The cadre applications are in and it's the largest group we've ever had. Over 60 people are competing for slots to help shape the encampment into a tremendous training experience! Coming up shortly... be watching your email for application instructions for the encampment itself. [Cadre applications do NOT count as encampment applications].   Check your national website contact information to insure you have a current email address on your record.  Otherwise you won't get contacted.

Note new date and location...

Date:             10 March 2018

Time:             1000 Eastern Time Time (until 1616 eastern)

Location:      7548 Igou Gap Road, Chattanooga, TN  Cornerstone Church

Staff applications are still due by 15 - February.   Please get them to your squadron commander in time for them to forward to me.  Don't wait until 2300 hours on the 15th and miss the deadline.

Additional information will be sent to all applicants after the application deadline.

If you cannot attend the 10th, you need to mark your application (or contact us and let us know) and an alternate arrangement will be made.  However, your best opportunity to show your skills is in person.

Applicants will know before the encampment application deadline whether or not they have a slot on staff.

It is our intention to have a robust advanced training program during the encampment for returning cadets not on staff.

I look forward to working with you again this year.


Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP


9-16 June, 2018 at the MTSU Campus in Murfreesboro, TN.  (10 – 16 June for Basic Students,  9th is a staff day)

 Cost:     $165.00 for cadets, $75.00 for seniors 

 Here is a timeline of important dates: (these are anticipated dates-- weather, military availability, etc could alter them)

 15 February         -             Cadet Cadre (staff) applications due  see information below     (Download form at bottom of page, one form, in two different formats, use whichever is most convenient)

24 February         -             Staff Selection Day  (tentatively scheduled for Nashville, depending on space availability)

   1 April               -              All cadet applications due  (fully executed electronic form 31, payment to follow after billing)

  1 April                 -             Senior Staff Applications due 

 21 April               -              Forms packet sent to cadets to complete and return  (includes op order, pack list, medical forms, preparation hints, etc)

5-6 May               -              Staff Training Weekend

9-16 June             -             Encampment


Other Important Considerations:

--CEAP (Cadet Encampment Assistance Program) is executed through the on-line national website.   https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.Events.Web/Modules/CEAP.aspx

--We will send out additional information about how to apply for the basic student encampment later.  Do Not Apply Yet.  We are going to try to do a paperless process this year.

--Applications will require payment (or proof of CEAP).  Cadre applicants will know before the deadline whether or not they have been accepted for cadet staff.

--We will have a web page operational soon, address to follow.  The facebook page is  https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeEncampment/

--Encampment will include an advanced training program (ATF) for returning cadets not a part of cadre.  This is additional training focused on skills cadets need during the more advanced phases of their cadet career  (management, communication, problem solving, etc).


1.      The attached form is the only document to use to indicate an interest to be a member of the cadet cadre.  (no 31’s etc) [same form, two different formats attached]

2.      It is a staff application, it does not take the place of the form 31 (which will need to be fully executed later)

3.      By applying, you are indicating you are planning to attend the staff selection day. 

4.      You need to email the completed form to your squadron commander.  The squadron commander will forward them to me.  This indicates squadron approval.

5.      I will not accept applications directly from cadets. 

6.      Squadron Commanders:   You know if your group commander wants to be in the approval chain.  If they do, please accommodate this.

7.      Squadrons will need to execute a form 32 for cadets attending the selection day.

8.      Distant out of state applicants can be handled via phone interview.

 On behalf of myself and your cadet commander for this year, C/Lt Col Chris Trana, thank you for your interest.  We are looking forward to serving you this year.


Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP

Staff Selection Day, More information to follow.   Tentatively scheduled for 24 Feb at the EOC In Nashville.

2017 Staff Encampment Staff Selection Day -- Biggest Ever!

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