Tennessee Wing Encampment 2019

December 13 2018

REMINDER: The deadline for applications for Commandant and Cadet Commander are due Saturday (Other positions apply later). Please see earlier post for details.

Encampment tentatively scheduled for June 15 -22, confirmation pending.

November 30    Applications for TWO positions

We are now accepting applications for the following 2019 TNWG Encampment positions:


Cadet Commander

Commandant of Cadets


To apply, please submit a completed CAPF31 to 256694@tncap.us.  Applications will be accepted until 15 December 2018.  Cadet and senior staff applications for other positions will be requested in January, and staff selection will be scheduled for February 2019.


Thank you in advance to all those who apply.  Serving on encampment staff is a difficult but rewarding challenge, and without you encampment does not successfully happen.




1st Lt Thomas Myers, CAP
TN Wing Deputy Director of Cadet Programs
2019 TNWG Encampment Commander
(C) 865-679-9539
U. S. Air Force Auxiliaxy

2019 TN Wing Encampment     - November 14

It's a long way off, but we have taken the first step in selecting the 2019 Encampment Commander. 1st Lt Tom Myers joined CAP at age 11. He is a former Eaker cadet, former cadet commander of a TN Wing encampment, and currently serves as the Deputy Director of Cadet Programs for TN Wing and as the wing CAC Advisor. He has served on encampment staff these past three years as Director of Operations, Commandant of Cadets, and Deputy Commander. Expect to see a lot of information coming from him over the next few months as we build you an encampment to remember!

Return here to see updates as they become available.
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