Tennessee Wing Encampment 2018

Report to Tennessee Wing Encampment 2017

It is time to begin the process for our summer encampment!   


9-16 June, 2018 at the MTSU Campus in Murfreesboro, TN.  (10 – 16 June for Basic Students,  9th is a staff day)

 Cost:     $165.00 for cadets, $75.00 for seniors 

 Here is a timeline of important dates: (these are anticipated dates-- weather, military availability, etc could alter them)

 15 February         -             Cadet Cadre (staff) applications due  see information below     (Download form at bottom of page, one form, in two different formats, use whichever is most convenient)

24 February         -             Staff Selection Day  (tentatively scheduled for Nashville, depending on space availability)

24 March             -              All cadet applications due  (fully executed electronic form 31, plus payment, we hope to be paperless this year)

  1 April                 -             Senior Staff Applications due 

 21 April               -              Forms packet sent to cadets to complete and return  (includes op order, pack list, medical forms, preparation hints, etc)

5-6 May               -              Staff Training Weekend

9-16 June             -             Encampment


Other Important Considerations:

--CEAP (Cadet Encampment Assistance Program) is executed through the on-line national website.   https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.Events.Web/Modules/CEAP.aspx

--We will send out additional information about how to apply for the basic student encampment later.  Do Not Apply Yet.  We are going to try to do a paperless process this year.

--Applications will require payment (or proof of CEAP).  Cadre applicants will know before the deadline whether or not they have been accepted for cadet staff.

--We will have a web page operational soon, address to follow.  The facebook page is  https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeEncampment/

--Encampment will include an advanced training program (ATF) for returning cadets not a part of cadre.  This is additional training focused on skills cadets need during the more advanced phases of their cadet career  (management, communication, problem solving, etc).


1.      The attached form is the only document to use to indicate an interest to be a member of the cadet cadre.  (no 31’s etc) [same form, two different formats attached]

2.      It is a staff application, it does not take the place of the form 31 (which will need to be fully executed later)

3.      By applying, you are indicating you are planning to attend the staff selection day. 

4.      You need to email the completed form to your squadron commander.  The squadron commander will forward them to me.  This indicates squadron approval.

5.      I will not accept applications directly from cadets. 

6.      Squadron Commanders:   You know if your group commander wants to be in the approval chain.  If they do, please accommodate this.

7.      Squadrons will need to execute a form 32 for cadets attending the selection day.

8.      Distant out of state applicants can be handled via phone interview.

 On behalf of myself and your cadet commander for this year, C/Lt Col Chris Trana, thank you for your interest.  We are looking forward to serving you this year.


Jeff Clark, Lt Col, CAP

Staff Selection Day, More information to follow.   Tentatively scheduled for 24 Feb at the EOC In Nashville.

2017 Staff Encampment Staff Selection Day -- Biggest Ever!

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