Tennessee Wing Encampment 2019

23 May

If you have not received a supplemental encampment packet, and an invoice via email, contact Lt. Myers immediately. It means we have a bad address for you. Payment and forms are due in a week! (Lt Tom Myers, 256694@tncap.us)


Encampment supplemental forms packet goes out this week. Please have your parents read carefully and fill out. We do have a wait list so some applicants will be on stand-by until we get payments in. If you do not get a forms packet this week (and you have applied) please contact Lt Myers at 256694@tncap.us. Some of your handwriting is difficult to decipher so we may have a bad email for you.   You may also download the supplemental forms at the bottom of this page.


Thanks to all who applied to the 2019 TNWG Encampment.  At this time we are at maximum capacity for cadets, though we will still accept CAPF31s to be placed on a waiting list if additional slots come available.  In the coming days we will be sending out via email information regarding payment and attendance, as well as additional required paperwork.  Make sure to check the email address that was listed on your CAPF31, as that is the address we will be using for communication.

Feel free to contact us if you do not receive information by next Friday (10 May) about additional paperwork.  You may be on the waiting list if that is the case.

Selection Day Results

The results from staff selection day are complete and the selectees are being notified.  Thank you to all who participated and were willing to work to make the encampment a success this year.   For those who made it... Congratulations!...now the fun begins.


Applications for 2019 TN Wing Encampment will be accepted starting March 1 and continuing through May 1st.


Encampment dates are 7 July - 13 July
The encampment costs $150.00 for cadets/$75.00 for senior members.

--Fill out a form 31 (can be downloaded from the encampment website or national HQ CAP). Have it signed by your parents and squadron commander. You do not need a group commander's signature up front. We will send a list for their redline approval afterward. Out of state applicants need their wing commander's signature as well.
Scan the fully signed form and email it to:

1Lt Tom Myers at 256694@tncap.us

--Once you have a slot confirmed, you will be sent additional forms and be asked to make payment. (And provided a packing list)
--Priority is given to first time students and necessary staff personnel. (Bed count is limited to 140) After that, ATF cadets and returning students are accepted.
--If you are a returning student and are interested in attending Advanced Training Flight if you do not get a staff position, please write ATF or Staff at the top of your form 31.


--Do not mail or fax a paper form to wing headquarters.
--Do NOT send payment at this time.
--If you do not have access to a scanner, you may take pictures of the forms and attach to your email.
--Please write neatly if you hand print your form. It is hard to make out poor handwriting and it causes rejections for email, etc.
--If you need financial assistance, you can apply for the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program. Information available here: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/…/encampment/ceap-applicat…

Write questions to : jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org


We had 45 people sign up to compete for staff slots. That's 45 people who have volunteered to take on extra work, extra preparation and extra responsibility to make our encampment the best possible training experience for first time cadets. Thank you, and good luck to you all at try-out day.

FOR THOSE THAT APPLIED...staff selection day will be held at MTSU on March 9. More information will follow as we determine which building to meet at. If you are unable (due to prior commitment or distance) to attend, a skype interview and documentation from your commander will be used, but your best chance to show your capabilities will obviously be on March 9.


Requests for cadet cadre applications are found at the bottom of this page for download (pdf and word versions available)
Please email as stated below to  256694@tncap.us    (do not send to wing HQ or email Jeff.Clark)
Deputy Commander and Executive Officer applications are due Friday 25 January and require a listing of CAP and other relevant leadership experience.
Other staff slot requests are due 15 February
Staff selection day weekend will be announced as soon as the location is finalized (early March time frame)

January 18, 2019

I M P O R T A N T   C H A N G E ---

Please share. Due to budgetary changes, we are changing the location and date of 2019 Summer Encampment. Please keep this in mind if you are applying for staff positions in the next couple of weeks.

New Dates: 7-13 July (staff arrival 6 July)
New Location: McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Alcoa TN

January 14th, 2019

"We are pleased to announce our selections for 2019 TNWG Encampment Commandant of Cadets and Cadet Commander.

Capt. Steven Gillespie has been selected as Commandant of Cadets. Capt. Gillespie has served as Training Officer and Senior Training Officer at TNWG encampments since 2016, and currently serves as commander of the Morristown Composite Squadron.

C/Maj. Nathaniel Wilkie has been selected as this year's Cadet Commander. C/Maj. Wilkie has attended 5 previous TNWG encampments, serving at nearly every level of cadet staff. He has also served previously as cadet commander of the Cleveland Composite Squadron.

WE WILL NOW BE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR CADET STAFF POSITIONS Please send a cadre application to 256694@tncap.us.    (see forms download below)

Cadet executive staff positions (Deputy Commander and Executive Officer) must include a resume, and are due NLT 25 January 2019.

All other cadet staff applications are due NLT 15 February 2019."

(You may apply for one of the executive staff positions and also apply for another position)

NOTE: These form are for position request ONLY and are NOT you actual encampment application. (No signatures are required at this time)

December 13 2018

REMINDER: The deadline for applications for Commandant and Cadet Commander are due Saturday (Other positions apply later). Please see earlier post for details.

Encampment tentatively scheduled for June 15 -22, confirmation pending.

November 30    Applications for TWO positions

We are now accepting applications for the following 2019 TNWG Encampment positions:


Cadet Commander

Commandant of Cadets


To apply, please submit a completed CAPF31 to 256694@tncap.us.  Applications will be accepted until 15 December 2018.  Cadet and senior staff applications for other positions will be requested in January, and staff selection will be scheduled for February 2019.


Thank you in advance to all those who apply.  Serving on encampment staff is a difficult but rewarding challenge, and without you encampment does not successfully happen.




1st Lt Thomas Myers, CAP
TN Wing Deputy Director of Cadet Programs
2019 TNWG Encampment Commander
(C) 865-679-9539
U. S. Air Force Auxiliaxy

2019 TN Wing Encampment     - November 14

It's a long way off, but we have taken the first step in selecting the 2019 Encampment Commander. 1st Lt Tom Myers joined CAP at age 11. He is a former Eaker cadet, former cadet commander of a TN Wing encampment, and currently serves as the Deputy Director of Cadet Programs for TN Wing and as the wing CAC Advisor. He has served on encampment staff these past three years as Director of Operations, Commandant of Cadets, and Deputy Commander. Expect to see a lot of information coming from him over the next few months as we build you an encampment to remember!

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