Tennessee Wing Encampment 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Tennessee Wing Encampment web page. 

Lt Gen Keith Huber,USA(ret) and the Cadet Leadership Team   

June 11 - 2016

Please download the day six newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

It is with a sigh of relief, pride, and a few sore feet that we leave the 2016 encampment.   The senior staff worked wonderfully together and the cadet staff was a model of what a group of cadet officers and NCO's should be.

Cadets from across the state are now better prepared to take on the challenges back at their squadrons, and throughout their lives.   

My personal thanks to the senior staff that chose to leave family and work and home to come participate.   I can't thank the cadets staff enough for making this encampment an enjoyable, efficient, and educational experience for their students.  Lastly, I would like to thank the cadets from Tennessee (and a few from Georgia) who gave up part of their summer to prepare themselves to serve.  You are my personal heroes!

-Lt Col Jeff Clark, CAP

June 10 - 2016

Please download the day five newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

Thursday saw the final rotation of the events we had to break down cadets for throughout the week.  The last of the flights rotated through the Water Safety Course and Pool Challenge.  Also, the last of the cadets cycled through the indoor training simulators and the Air Traffic Control scenarios.   The week is flying by and soon we'll be closing out a great year.

June 9 - 2016

Please download the day four newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

Wednesday was "fly day" at the encampment with over 100 cadets orientations flown.  Class, simulators, tours and military drill training complimented great food and great evening sports.

June 8 - 2016

Please download the day three newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

It is amazing how many activities you can squeeze into one day.  Tuesday was a huge day a the encampment.    The cadets are having a blast and the senior are drinking enormous amounts of coffee. 

June 7 - 2016

Please download the day two newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

Monday was a busy and excellent day for the encampment.   Lt. General Huber's speeches were both motivational and highly instructive.   The cadets began their rotations through two different types of simulators in conjunction with the Department of Aerospace Studies.   The evening finished up with exercise stations and competitive intermurals.

June 6 - 2016

Encampment is off and running!   Please download the day one newsletter below or visit the facebook page.

95 Cadets and 15 Senior staff have begun this summer's training in the state's largest annual cadet event.

This year's encampment is at a new location and offers new challenges and new opportunities.

A tremendous 'thank you' goes out to all the wing personnel who have spent months preparing for this week.  We had a busy but highly successful day one and this could not happen without hundreds of hours of advance work, training, and planning.

We will update you daily with pictures and newsletters.  

--LtCol Jeff Clark, CAP

1 June

Second Reminder of correction!   There was a typo in the Operation Order that originally went out.

Cadet and senior staff to arrive June 4, Saturday, at noon having already been fed.

Cadet basics and ATF personnel to arrive June 5, Sunday, between 1300 and 1430 Central time having already been fed.

Release time at 1300 June 11.   

Please contact with questions... jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org

10 May

The operations order for the encampment has been added to the 'download' section below.  If you have not received BOTH your packing list AND and the operations order, please download them.


Encampment Packing Lists have been emailed.  If you do not receive yours today, check your spam filter and remember that the email you put on your form 31 may not match the one national HQ has on file for you.  Operations Orders for the encampment will be posted here next week, and also emailed.


Due to a death in the family, your packing lists haven't been mailed out yet. I hope to get these out Friday. Thank you for your patience. If you have not submitted both payment for encampment, and your forms packet (52, 160, etc) you need to contact me at jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org immediately. These are past due.


We are no long accepting any cadet applications.  There are still limited senior position to be filled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - By now all cadets who have applied to encampment should have received BOTH a paypal email invoice for payment AND a forms packet from LtCol Clark. If you have NOT received either of these please contact jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org. By April 30, the completed forms packet needs to be at wing. Also by April 30, you should have either clicked the link to pay the invoice online, or mailed a check to wing HQ. Cadet awaiting information about Cadet Encampment Assistance Program should contact LtCol as well to check on status.


 OPPORTUNITY -  For the last several years, Tennessee Wing has offered an Advanced Training Flight at the encampment.  This is for cadets who have already met their encampment requirement, but would like to come back even though they aren’t on staff.  This program offers advanced leadership and communication training and helps build on cadet skills.  This year, we would like to also incorporate some touring opportunities.   In order to make this happen this year, we need a few more individuals who are interested in the Advanced Training  Course.  If you are interested, we can accept additional applications for a limited time.  Please contact jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org to reserve a slot.


DON' PANIC NOTICE: Someone just called and said the Paypal invoice Wing HQ sent out yesterday had a due date of April 4th on it. IGNORE THAT DUE DATE See the message below


We continue to accept SENIOR MEMBER applications as we have some slots left to fill. If you are interested please contact me and we'll discuss how you might be a part of the biggest cadet activity of the year! jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org We still need a qualified safety officer, and training officers are needed.



I am pleased to announce we had room for all applicants to the Summer 2016 Encampment. Here's what happens next...

April 5 - I will send out a packet of additional forms that need to be filled out and sent to wing (160, 162, etc) These are due April 30. This information will also be available for download from the Encampment Website  (by April 6)

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE an email and packet April 5, we either don't have your application or your email isn't correct. Please contact jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org.

April 15 (or sooner) Wing HQ will contact you requesting payment for the encampment. They will send you a link to a paypal page. You enter the information and payment is made electronically. They will also accept paper checks. Payment is due April 30th.

May 1 - We will send all cadets who have paid and submitted their forms additional information. (packing list, ways to prepare for camp, information to study in advance, a copy of the ops order)

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at the encampment!

LtCol Jeff Clark, CAP, TNWG 2016 Enc CC

18 February 2016

Applications for Tennessee Wing’s Summer Encampment will be accepted  20- February  through 30-March, 2016.    This is BOTH for Senior Members applying for senior roles and also for general students (note that cadet line staff is already selected—but MUST complete application as well).

  1. Time/Place:   5 – 11 June, 2016 at the Middle Tennessee State University Campus


  2. COST:    Senior Members:  $130.00   Cadets:   $160.00



    Send by mail a paper/signed form 31 to Wing Headquarters.  These are due by 30-March.  Send no other items at this time.           (Out of state applicants must have Wing Commander approval)


    Tennessee Wing HQ, CAP


    2441 East General Aviation Drive

    Alcoa, TN 37701


    At the end of March, we will see how many applications we have; our bed space is limited.  We will send acceptance letters and a forms packet out to everyone we have space for the first week of April.  By April 30, accepted students and staff will send in a check and the forms packet (form 161, 162 etc).  Accepted applicants who do not have a completed packet sent in by April 30 will forfeit their space to someone who was bumped.  (NOTE: National HQ has an Encampment Assistance Program for cadets who cannot afford all or part of the fee.)


  4. QUALIFICATIONS:   Cadets must have one stripe and have been in the program 4 months before the start of encampment.  Cadets must be at least 13 years of age  (This has been amended--squadron commanders who believe they have interested cadets who are qualified to attend but do not yet meet these requirements may submit an application for review.  We will work with you to try to accomplish your squadron's training goals).


  5. COMMANDERS: sign-off of the form 31 indicates the squadron commander affirms that they believe the cadet to be responsible, physically prepared, and emotionally mature.


    PARENTS:  Please note, a summer encampment should not be a cadet’s first ‘away from home’ experience.   It is a physically demanding environment and requires that students be comfortable and self-reliant.


  6. Other Notes:

    Preference will be given to first-time attendees.


    Cadets who have previously attended encampment but do not have a staff position may apply for the Advanced Training Flight to better prepare them for future staff roles.

At the end of March, cadet support staff positions will also be assigned.   All positions will be assigned BEFORE cadets are required to pay.

There will be telephone interviews for all senior staff position applicants.

Questions:   Contact  LtCol Jeff Clark (865-215-3699) or jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org

Wing Headquarters: 865-342-4880 (Jeannie Evans/Scott Alley)


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