Tennessee Wing Encampment 2017

Report to Tennessee Wing Encampment 2017

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18 June 2017

Tennessee Wing Encampment begins in 1 week. Make sure you look at the bottom of this page, or check your email for the Operation Orders sent by Col Clark. That packet contains all the dates/times for drop off and Graduation. Double check the packing list and don't bring anything unauthorized.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

11 June 2017

Two weeks from now, we will have started Tennessee Wing Encampment 2017.

If you haven't already done so, get your payments in to Wing HQ, don't loose your spot. It may be fun to watch encampment unfold on Facebook or Instagram, but it will be better with you there. Get those payments in!

Check the packing list, let your parents know what items you're missing, so they can arrange to get them now. Parents don't like last minute runs to the store.

If you are seeing this then you already know our website, bookmark it!

But we are also on Facebook and Instagram. Go like us there too!

Two weeks until Encampment

04 June 2017

Tennessee Wing Encampment begins in 3 weeks.  Earlier this week Col Clark sent out the Operation Orders.  Included in the orders, is the packing list.  

Keep in mind, items brought that are not on the packing list will be considered contraband and will be stored until after dismissal.  Now is a great time to check and double check the list to ensure you have all the items you need and that your uniforms meet regulations.

30 May 2017

OPERATIONS ORDER:     The Ops Orders for the encampment  (which includes PACKING LIST, Shows times, Maps, instructions and useful information about getting ready for camp) are available for download at the bottom of this page.  It is available in both Word and PDF format.  Cadets will also be emailed one but they are available here now if you don't see one in your inbox.   Please read through it, you are responsible for what it says.  Note that safety currency and a regulations haircut are necessary TO SIGN IN on day one.

  27 May 2017

In 30 days, cadets from all across Tennessee and surrounding states report to Tennessee Encampment 2017 at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Now is the time to start preparing for your encampment week. Order missing uniform pieces, prepare uniforms and prepare for PT.

Operation orders, including packing lists, should be out soon.

24 May 2017

Cutoff for submitting supplemental forms (160, 162, MTSU release, etc) is tomorrow May 25.   I will be taking people off the list at that time if I don't hear from you and I don't have your forms.
If you have not been invoiced by wing through email, I need to know so we can correct this immediately.

CAST training weekend is this weekend for cadet staff and we are looking forward to some quality training to get a great camp ready for the cadets.   START PREPARING.  Get your physical conditioning ready, prepare your uniforms.

-Lt Col J Clark, CAP

15 May 2017

Questions coming in about the packing list... The operations order (which includes the packing list) will be out the first week of June. We need to get the staff training completed to make certain we have all the information to give you first. To prepare, however, you should order anything from vanguard you need to COMPLETE a set or, hopefully two, of BDU's or ABU's.

If you are attending camp and HAVE NOT YET sent in your supplemental forms packet, these are overdue and I need them promptly.  contact 127421@tncap.us            A copy can be downloaded below (Encampment Notification,pdf)

-Lt Col J Clark, CAP

2017 Staff Encampment Staff Selection Day -- Biggest Ever!
26 April 2017

Getting ready for encampment:

First off, you should have your forms packet and be sending that back in. If not, contact me, something's wrong.

You should get an invoice in the mail shortly. If you have a CEAP approval email you can email that in instead of payment.

And then, start getting ready! Get your uniform together, break in boots, sew on a COMPLETE set of patches, and start preparing physically. If you had a lazy winter, get your cardio game going strong. The better shape you are in, the more you can enjoy the encampment. Can't wait to work again with you all! -Lt Col J Clark, CAP

19 April 2017

Encampment is getting closer our staff is selected and cadets should get their forms and invoices this week. Please read the letter in the packet carefully. If you do not receive email by Saturday (April 22nd), and you have applied for encampment, please contact me. It means your email isn't correct, or your application never arrived. Senior member applicants can expect a separate different letter. We are looking forward to this!      Contact information   jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org

7 March 2017

CADET STAFF ANNOUNCED:    Congratulations!

If you are not one of the primaries listed below, keep in mind that we always have a couple of people who later become unable to attend.  
We will notify alternates as the need arises so you may still be offered a slot.   I am grateful for all the hard work that applicants did on selection day.

2 March 2017

Applications (senior member and cadet) for the 2017 Tennessee Wing Summer Encampment [June 24 - July 1] will be accept during the month of March.  (Deadline - March 31 midnight)

Please read carefully and follow the procedures, they are different than last year.

[Cadets will know within a week whether or not they were awarded a staff position to help with their decision.]

In order to apply, please submit a FULLY EXECUTED (four levels of signature: cadet, parent, squadron commander, group commander) CAPF31, ON PAPER, VIA MAIL to :

Tennessee Wing HQ, CAP

Attn: Encampment

2441 East General Aviation Drive

Alcoa, TN 37701

[We had some issues last year and this is the simplest way until we get the wing registration system online]

For senior members-- obviously no parent's signature necessary.  For out of state-- wing commander's signature is required.

Do not send payment with the application.  If your application is accepted (space is limited, priority will be first time cadets and staff) then you will be sent a forms packet to submit along with payment. 

Cost is expected to be approximately $165 for cadets, $100 for seniors.

If you are a returning cadet who did not get a staff position, but would be interested in attending an 'advanced training flight', please note ATF on your application.  We are still deciding if this will happen.  If there is sufficient interest, this year's ATF will focus on practical, squadron level training that you can take home and use immediately to help your unit.

Cadets requiring assistance in paying for the encampment should visit the national CEAP page here:


21 February 2017

Cadet command staff for the encampment has been put in place in preparation for this weekend's staff selection. CONGRATULATIONS TO: C/Maj Grayson Jeffords (TN148) as Cadet Deputy Commander and C/Capt Jerry Shannon (TN185) as Executive Officer. We are looking forward to this weekend and on to an amazing encampment!

14 February 2017

Cadet staff selection day will be February 25 at the EOC in Nashville (same location as last year). More information will be emailed to you directly this weekend if you have applied. We had a HUGE turnout of applicants this year so we are excited about having an excellent field of candidates. Expect to hear from Lt Col Hughes shortly.

There will be an alternative selection process made available to cadets from out of state and cadets who cannot make this weekend.  Contact Lt Col Jeff Clark  (jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org) for details.

6 January 2017

Applications for CADET staff for the 2017 TN WG Summer Encampment will be accepted from 10-January until 10-February.  This is for positions of Flight Sgt and above (element leaders are assigned, not applied for.)

Submit a form 31 to jeff.clark@knoxcounty.org to acknowledge you are interested and list your preferred position requests.

NOTE: This is NOT your actual encampment application and does not require approval signatures or payment.  Your actual application will be due after staff is determined.  We are merely using the form 31 to determine who is interested and get an approximate head count.

Applicants need to be willing to attend a staff selection day (tentatively scheduled for late February), a staff training weekend (probably early June) and of course the week of encampment (June 24-July1).

Information on staff selection day will be sent out as it becomes finalized.

Best of luck!
Lt Col J Clark, CAP

3 January 2017
CONGRATULATIONS - To C/Lt Col Jonah Torp-Pederson for being selected cadet commander for the 2017 TNWG Summer Encampment.

Also to Lt Col Brian Hughes who will be the commandant for this year's camp. 

Both of these gentlemen are dedicated and experienced so you can expect a quality week of learning and fun.  Watch for dates and deadlines coming soon...

We will be working on getting additional activities this year to add to last year's successful training.

Return here to see updates as they become available.
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