Tennessee Wing Encampment 2021

When you attend a Civil Air Patrol encampment, you begin the most challenging and rewarding journey of your cadet career: becoming a leader. Encampment challenges you. It pushes you so you’ll grow. Are you self-disciplined? Can you lead? Can you truly work as a team? These are some of the questions the cadre will help you answer for yourself as you participate in awesome, hands-on activities and tours. Specifically, our goal is to inspire you to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn about aviation, space, and technology
  • Commit to a habit of regular exercise
  • Live the Core Values

As cadets of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, your training will emphasize not only leadership and character, but fitness and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as you explore career opportunities in those areas and so much more.

The cadet and senior staff will provide a safe, positive, encouraging, and motivational experience for the cadets. Further, the encampment satisfies national requirements that are necessary for cadet advancement and are a prerequisite to several other national activities. Encampments are week-long activities that serve to build a foundation for the cadets from which to build their Civil Air Patrol (CAP) experience. These week-long events provide an in-depth orientation to the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force. First-time cadets can expect to be challenged both mentally and physically during a busy and exciting week of hands-on leadership development training, aerospace events, and local site activities. 

Cadets returning as staff will be challenged even further through the leadership roles they will fill and staff duties they will perform. All cadets will have the opportunity to be introduced to the military, learn to overcome challenges, develop time-management skills, enhance their interpersonal skills and have a great time.

Encampment Publications/Links

To be eligible to attend the encampment, cadets must have completed the Curry Achievement and have been promoted to Cadet Airman (C/Amn) prior to application submission. Starting in 2021, by order of the TNWG Commander and the Director of Cadet Programs will require cadets to be 12yrs of age to attend. 

Cadet cadre applicants must have earned the Wright Brothers Award (C/SSgt) and have it posted to eServices prior to application submission. Operational Risk Management Basic and Intermediate Courses, Introductory Communications User Training, and Cadet Protection Policy Training (if you are 18 or older) are required prior to applying. 

Senior member staff applicants must have completed Level 1, Operational Risk Management Basic and Intermediate Courses, Introductory Communications User Training, and the Cadet Protection Policy Training Basic and Advanced courses are required prior to applying. Training officers must have at minimum a technician rating in Cadet Programs while actively working towards a senior rating.


Fee Outline
  • Cadet student registration is [TBD
  • Cadet cadre registration is [TBD]
  • Senior member registration is [TBD]
Cadet Encampment Assistance Program
Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available this year to cover encampment fees, uniforms, and other costs associated with our encampment program, with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets. This application can be accessed via the "Cadet Programs" module on eServices. Please see the National CEAP page for more information, including detailed application instructions. Please note the TNWG staff has no access to a cadet's application nor are we able to check the status of an application.

Student Early Arrival Fee
First-time cadets arriving at encampment prior to the designated arrival time for first-time cadets are subject to the early arrival fee of $50.00. This fee covers the additional food and logistics costs associated with the extra days at the encampment that are not covered in the regular encampment rate for basic cadets. Cadet students are highly encouraged to not arrive early.

Refund Policy
All refunds must be requested via email to the TNWG Director of Cadet Programs, Lt Col. Jeff Clark {127421@tncap.us}. Refunds requested prior to the refund request deadline will be honored in full. Any request for a refund after this date will be processed within 45 days and will be subject to a 25% deduction for administration following the conclusion of the encampment and is based upon the final encampment costs. Regardless of the source of payment (member, unit, scholarship, grant, etc.) the refund policy for encampment remains the same.

Failure to Pay
Any member failing to provide fee payment by the deadline may forfeit their encampment slot. Extensions to the payment deadline may be granted by the encampment commander for extenuating circumstances. These requests must be sent directly to the encampment commander for approval. Any member with outstanding fees will be prohibited from attending any other wing, region, or national activity until payment is made. Additionally, administrative action may be taken against the member.
  • Fill out every single field of the online application. Failure to fill everything out will cause your application to not be accepted. 
  • Have your scanned and completed documents ready prior to doing the online application. 
  • Remember that you will receive a registration confirmation from Tennessee Wing. You must have to be considered fully registered.
Cadet Student Registration
Cadets applying for their first encampment, cadets applying to attend encampment a second time as an in-flight cadet, or cadets who've previously completed an encampment but do not meet the requirements for staff must apply under this category.

Cadet Staff Application
Cadets applying for staff must apply under this category. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.

Cadet Executive Staff Application
Cadets applying for executive staff must apply to utilize the directions through this link. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.

Senior Member Staff Application
Senior Members applying for staff must apply under this category. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.


Cadet Graduation Attendee Registration - [Opens 2 weeks prior to Encampment]
Want to attend the graduation on base to watch your sons and daughters march as a unit, show off just a small piece of what they've learned over the week they've attended encampment?


Tentative Cadet Cadre and Senior Staff Applications are due NLT 2359 15 April 2021


Transportation to and from the activity is not the responsibility of CAP.

Airport Shuttle
There will not be an airport shuttle this year, however, should you be flying into Knoxville for the encampment. Please arrange transportation personally with either the Encampment Commander or Commandant of Cadets via encampment@tncap.us

Corporate Vehicles
Senior members are encouraged to bring a CAP van to the encampment. Vans shall be turned into the encampment transportation/logistics officer upon arrival, and shall arrive with a full tank of fuel. Vans will be returned to the driver on the night prior to departure with a full tank of fuel. Fuel costs for travel to and from encampment will be reimbursed with confirmation from the transportation & logistics officer.

Privately-Owned Vehicles
ALL Cadets (including cadre) who drive to encampment must turn in their vehicle keys to the transportation and logistics officer (no exceptions)

Carpooling is encouraged, but the encampment staff is unable to assist in this coordination. It's recommended to ask within your squadron first.






For general questions regarding encampment registration, payments, logistics, etc please utilize the form to the right. For more complicated questions please email encampment@tncap.us, be sure to include your contact information and CAPID. For general questions about the encampment itself or information regarding the encampment requirement please speak to your squadron leadership.